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Sell online.

Piti Commerce help anyone start selling online. Automatically create a online store that syncs with your inventor


Shop Admin App

App makes it easy for you to add inventory and manage you orders.

Integrated Loyalty App

Integrated to Piti Loyalty App . You don't need to use paper member card , you can easily start your retention strategy.


စီးပွားရေးတွေ ပုံမှန်အတိုင်းလည်ပတ်ဖို့ အခက်ခဲဖြစ်နေတဲ့ချိန်မှာ 

သင့်ဆိုင်အတွက် အထောက်ကူပြုမယ့် App

Starter plan

  • Online Store

  • Limited Products (Up to 500)

  • Unlimited Orders 

  • Staff Accounts (2)

  • Manual Order Creation (POS)

  • Order Status Management

  • Delivery Fees Management 

  • New Orders SMS Notifications 

  • Digital Menu / Order at Table

  • Currency Choice

  • Discount Codes

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Piti Loyalty System (Points)

30,000 Ks / mo

Business plan

  • Everything from Starter Plan

  • Limited Products (Up to 2000)

  • Staff Accounts (5)

  • Piti Loyalty System (Points, Member Tier)

  • Ship to Customer

  • Business Intelligence Report (Mobile)

  • Domain name free for 1 year

49,000 Ks / mo

Growth plan

  • Everything from Business Plan

  • Unlimited Products

  • Piti Loyalty System (Multi Shops, Marketing Feature)

  • Trello Integration

  • Data Portal

  • API Integration

  • Domain name free for 1 year

79,000 Ks / mo


We provide innovative loyalty and rewards platform technology to help brands and enterprises drive repeat purchase .


Anyone can start online shop with Piti